NBC's Today Show:  Sarasota FL #1 city in US

October 6, 2009 the Today Show's real estate guru Barbara Corcoran named Sarasota Florida number one of the Top Ten cities in the US to buy real estate right now.

Barbara Corcoran said that Sarasota, Florida was named the number one city in the US to buy right now as "they are snapping up bargains".

Below the video of the segment is a transcript of Al's interview and the top ten cities listed in order


All ten cities listed in order are as follows:

  1. Sarasota, FL
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Lansing, Michigan
  4. Marietta, Georgia
  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  6. St. Petersburg, FL
  7. Naperville, Illinois
  8. Trenton, New Jersey
  9. St. Louis, Missouri
  10. Saginaw, Michigan


AL ROKER:  How did you determine the top cities?   What were the criteria that you used?

BARBARA CORCORAN:  These are the top ten cities across America where prices have dropped the most.   But in the last quarter prices are shooting up.  If you could time a real estate market, which you can't often do this is the time to buy these particular places.

AL ROKER:  Alright now lets start off, #1 Sarasota FL

BARBARA CORCORAN:  Sarasota FL is probably what is a symbol of the worst real estate market in the country.  The Florida markets were hit early.  Last year alone prices went down by a full third in Sarasota FL, but prices are already up 13%

AL ROKER:  So that’s good there is a rebound.

BARBARA CORCORAN:  Its moving fast, they're snapping up bargains.

AL ROKER:  The median home price is almost $176,00

BARBARA CORCORAN:  You got it. But remember  that used to be a third a higher

AL ROKER:   Wow and the good thing about Sarasota,  It's got a lot of the beachy attributes that people always think about Florida

BARBARA CORCORAN:   It's a beautiful beach but on top of that it is a sophistacted city  and it s an urban city with all the things that sophisticated people like to find there.

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